Accessibility Statement

ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT At DK Aesthetic Clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of ability, have equal access to our services and facilities. Our accessibility policy underscores our commitment to providing a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and accommodated. ‚Äč Physical Accessibility:
  1. Facility Design: Our clinic premises are designed to be fully accessible to individuals with mobility impairments. We maintain ample space for easy maneuverability and ensure that entrances, hallways, and treatment areas are wheelchair-friendly.
  2. Parking Facilities: We provide designated accessible parking spaces conveniently located near the clinic entrance, complete with appropriate signage for easy identification.
  3. Assistance: Our staff is trained to offer assistance to individuals with disabilities, whether it’s guiding them through the clinic or providing support during their visit.
Communication Accessibility:
  1. Accessible Information: We offer information about our services, procedures, and policies in various formats to accommodate diverse needs. This includes providing materials in large print, Braille, and electronic formats upon request.
  2. Website Accessibility: Our website is designed to comply with WCAG standards, ensuring that it’s accessible to users with disabilities. We continually review and update our website to maintain accessibility standards.
Service Accessibility:
  1. Staff Training: Our team undergoes regular training to enhance their understanding of accessibility issues and ensure they can effectively assist individuals with disabilities.
  2. Appointment Flexibility: We strive to accommodate the scheduling preferences and specific needs of all clients, including those with disabilities. Clients are encouraged to inform us of any accommodations they require when booking appointments.
  3. Feedback Mechanism: We value feedback from our clients, including suggestions for improving accessibility. We have established channels for clients to provide feedback, enabling us to continually enhance our services.
Compliance and Improvement:
  1. Legal Compliance: We adhere to all relevant accessibility laws and regulations to uphold the rights of individuals with disabilities.
  2. Continuous Improvement: We regularly review our accessibility policies and practices to identify areas for improvement. Through ongoing evaluation and adjustment, we ensure that our clinic remains accessible to all.
At DK Aesthetic Clinic, we believe that accessibility is essential for fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can access and enjoy our services without barriers. We are committed to upholding these principles and welcome feedback to help us continually improve our accessibility efforts.
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